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Free American football simulator

American Football 3D is a free sports game from tamdev22. This American football simulator lets you experience the fun and thrill of the team-based full-contact sport. However, instead of just tackling and running, you are in charge of managing your own team. Take charge of the full 100 yards and beyond, assigning strategies in the field and brokering deals to get better athletes on the field.

With intuitive controls, full 3D visuals, and a wide range of activities to accomplish, American Football 3D is good for dozens of hours of gameplay, similar to the American Football League app.

Be the best gridiron manager

In American Football 3D, you are tasked with building and managing your own American football team. Not to be confused with Rugby or Soccer, this sport is also known as gridiron and is played by two opposing teams with eleven players each. The offensive team is tasked with advancing down the field by running or passing the ball, while the defending team has to prevent opponents from progressing. 

As the manager, you are in charge of all aspects of your team’s performance. During matches, you can help them implement different gameplay strategies. After a game, you are in charge of management duties. You train your athletes, find the next tournament to join, and try your best to sign larger superstars to your team. All these gameplay aspects provide fast-paced sports action as well as a strategic side.

Still, as a full American football simulator, expect different types of challenges. The game doesn’t offer a tutorial, building on the premise that players are fans of the sport and are already familiar. Furthermore, it has an unforgiving difficulty scaling. Unlike other games where it gets harder the more you progress, different events and contests are available at the start in this game.

Mobile game for hardcore fans

Overall, American Football 3D is the complete package, although it only caters to fans of the sport. As a virtual football manager, you enjoy the whole nine yards. From managing your team during their matches to planning the team’s trajectory in the industry, you get to enjoy the action and strategic aspects of the sport. For non-fans, however, the learning curve can get really challenging.


  • Captures both the action and strategic side of the sport
  • Game is rendered in full 3D
  • Has a wide range of activities to do


  • Doesn't offer a tutorial
  • Steep difficulty scaling

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